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About Us

Welcome to College Girls World! 

It all started with 24 t-shirts and sweatshirts. 

Every idea began with a 19 year-old business major in college doodling on her notepad in Accounting 101. She often doodled the words…“Hampton Girls.” After writing it a few times, she thought of crewnecks that could possibly be sold on campus if it was done properly. Being that she didn’t own any of her school’s apparel because everything was either “wack” or not “girly enough”, she decided to start her own.

It was an idea that literally spiraled into an EPIDEMIC! As days went by, she thought
“What if I called it : #COLLEGEgirls?” At that time twitter was poppin’ and hash tags were everything. The new #COLLEGEgirls logo was actually better. It was original and provided mass appeal. Now the brand could include all girls on campuses worldwide! Creating an independent collegiate clothing company was a pretty big deal because it was something that had never been done before.

Once the logo was final, she decided to finally research a local silk screening
company in her hometown to print and ship all 48 items by Febuary 6th 2012. 

She had no high expectation for the first go-round. She paid $20 to have a table to sell merchandise at Hampton University’s Annual: Black History Month Expo. Within an hour at the expo, every item on that table was sold. That moment proved #COLLEGEgirls was a hit. From that moment on she continued to design new apparel, conjure new ideas for the brand and recruit members to a one-man team. After so much positive feedback from girls on campus, she decided to continue to expand the brand in hopes of inspiring other girls to work towards their dreams.