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When I designed my first crewneck in 2011, I never knew it would become an actual brand. As a little girl I enjoyed sketching clothes (not that they were cute or anything).


It was then that I realized I had a serious interest in creating. One day in my Accounting 101 class, I zoned out during a lecture that seemed never ending and I had no interest in. I began sketching "Hampton Girls".


I thought it would look really cute on a sweatshirt since the book store's clothes were ugly. I used to go to the bookstore bi-weekly to see if they had any new items that appeased me or even fit, but I was super out of luck. Then when I was ready to purchase something out of desperation because I was excited to be a "College Girl". I looked at the price tag and just couldn't do it. It was ugly, over sized and over priced? Absolutely not!


I was willing create my own college apparel because I knew at least I'd like it. Sophomore year, Christmas break I was in the Broadway Swap Meet with my uncle! Walking in, I didn't even know I was gonna' create the first #COLLEGEgirls crewneck. I just went up to a booth where they made custom t-shirts on the spot and re-sketched the design from class since I didn't bring it. It was ready in less than an hour and I loved it. I wore it to class during  2nd semester and everyone loved it!


Somehow I found out about a Student Business Expo being held in the ballroom in February for Black History Month. I believe the vendor fee was $20; so, I submitted the application immediately. I called home to research places to print items in bulk.


My mom referred me to a printing company her job used, so I trusted her. I told her what I wanted to sell and the date I needed them. They arrived on time. After weeks of anticipation; I opened the box and hated them. I didn't like them bc it wasn't like the one I made originally not because it was terrible.


It happen to be a hit because the day of the expo... I sold out of all 48 items (24 crewnecks/ 24 t-shirts) in less than an hour. I felt rich! I felt like this was a new feeling I could get use to! I loved seeing girls get excited about my designs. 

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